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Looking to clear some garbage from your property responsibly  ? Here is how you can avail of the same.

Whether you are looking to clear some clutter, moving or just want to gain some space, you may decide to get rid of your excess belongings. One of the best ways to do this is to hire eco friendly garbage removal services in Holborn. However, it is important to ensure that your unwanted things don’t end up in a landfill. The best way is to select a garbage removal service that maintains certain ecological standards. In this blog, we will take a detailed look at eco-friendly garbage removal services, how to choose a service and its benefits. Read on to find out more.

First, let us take a look at what eco-friendly garbage removal service is.

What is eco-friendly garbage removal ?

Eco-friendly garbage removal aims to dispose of waste in an environmentally responsible way. This can mean different things for different garbage removal companies. Eco-friendly garbage removal services make sure that the environment stays healthy and clean by limiting the amount of waste in landfills. A few services also re-home goods like toys, furniture and clothing. Few others recycle all the waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Why should we use eco-friendly garbage removal services

  • Firstly, it is a way of garbage removal that doesn’t affect the environment. It doesn’t fill up landfills and protects against global warming.
  • Secondly, it is better to donate unwanted items than throw them away. This way you save the planet and get to help someone else at the same time.

Now, let us look at a few factors to consider while looking for an eco-friendly garbage removal services company.

Following are a few things to keep in mind while selecting an eco-friendly garbage removal service 💡 

[1] Experience and insurance :

While considering eco friendly garbage removal services in Holborn, always check their experience first. Is the company insured and bonded? You will be in capable hands if you work with an insured company. Do they use proper equipment? How easy it is to contact them? Consider all of these before selecting a company. A reputable company with years of experience will do a great job within the shortest time possible.

[2] Garbage handling :

Always ask the company what they do with the unwanted items. As mentioned above, some companies donate these items to people who need them. Reputable companies partner with charitable organizations to donate items like furniture and clothing. They also recycle other waste to keep them away from landfills.

Before you hire a garbage removal company, be sure to ask them how much of the waste is recycled or donated, as opposed to taken to a landfill. The company should give you an exact figure of what they do with the garbage. If they are unable to come up with a proper reply, then it is best to avoid that company.

[3] Types of Items :

This is very important when it comes to garbage removal services. You need to find out what kind of items they take and don’t take. Do they take furniture? What about workout equipment or household appliances? You should also ask them if they take e-waste. The latter refers to electronic devices that are no longer being used. This type of waste requires special care as they are recycled or refurbished.

[4] Environmentally friendly :

The environment friendliness of a company isn’t just limited to how they handle the garbage. They should also follow the same policies when it comes to other uses. For example, they should use fuel consciously while going for pick-ups. They should be careful about sorting and recycling garbage as well. Transparency is very crucial and the company should ensure that you get all the information you ask for.

[5] Reviews :

Before hiring any garbage removal service, always check their reviews online. Checking Facebook and Google reviews will give you an idea of how they do their jobs. Also, check the areas they cover to make sure that they provide services in your area. If you cannot find reviews of the company, then it’s best to avoid it.  A good and reputable company will always have online reviews.

[6] Prices :

Everybody wants to work with a company that offers fair prices. Affordability is very important when it comes to hiring any service. Be sure to get quotes from at least 5 different companies. Then you can contrast and compare the rates and pick the one that suits you the most. Some companies offer upfront prices whereas others will give you an estimate.

[7] Customer service :

This is very important when it comes to hiring any service. The garbage removal company you choose should have customer support available at all times. They should offer support on the phone, via email and through online chat. Then you can contact them using any of these and clear your doubts and queries. The reputation of a garbage removal company is most often based on the customer service they offer.

[8] Eco-friendly :

As you look forward to hiring eco-friendly garbage removal services in Holborn, it will be helpful to check how these companies work. Firstly, you will have to let the company know how much garbage you need to be removed from your property and what they are. This will help the company with sending the right equipment and manpower to get rid of them. Make sure that the items are not hazardous.

Once you let them know about your requirements, the company will assess the items and check their usability. They will also check whether they could be refurbished. They would also want to recycle some of the items. These are the goals of an eco-friendly garbage removal company to make sure they don’t harm the environment. You can always ask the company how much percentage of the garbage is taken to landfills.

Which items can a garbage removal company donate or recycle ?

A few of them are as follows :-

(1) Yard waste

(2) Paper

(3) Cardboard

(4) Metal

(5) Bricks

(6) Toys

(7) Art and craft supplies

(8) Board games

(9) Utensils

(10) Books

(11) Home décor

(12) Shoes

(13) Clothing

(14) Workout equipment

(15) Household appliances

(16) Furniture

The company you choose should be able to donate or recycle all the items mentioned above.

Now, let us take a look at e-waste

What is e-waste ?

As mentioned above, e-waste includes electronic devices that have been discarded. They are usually hazardous and include toxic substances. These substances might include cadmium, beryllium and lead. When these substances seep into groundwater, they can have long-term effects on public health and ecosystems. This is why it is important to ensure that any e-waste you have is taken care of by the garbage removal company in a responsible way.

Now, let us take a look at the benefits of hiring an eco-friendly garbage removal company

A few benefits of eco-friendly garbage removal are as follows :

[A] Recycling :

Recycling unwanted and used junk is the best way to help the environment. It lessens waste management all over the world. It ensures a greener, healthier and cleaner environment. A responsible garbage removal company will collect all your stuff and take most of it to recycling centres. With this, you get to save natural resources and prevent pollution. It is the best method for the community and the environment.

You can help the recycling process by separating your junk into categories. By sorting them into categories like “disposable” and “recyclable”, you can dispose of them responsibly. Following is a list of items you can choose to recycle.

[1] Electronics parts

[2] Pieces of wood

[3] Pieces of furniture like stools, sofas and mattresses

[4] Metal scraps

[5] Junk cars

Recycling ensures that your waste isn’t randomly dumped into landfills. Doing it with the help of an eco-friendly garbage removal company reduces waste at home and also helps the environment. It also reduces landfill waste, thereby ensuring that toxins don’t touch the soil.

[B] Up-cycling :

Up-cycling refers to using discarded products for producing higher-quality materials. You can easily achieve this by using eco-friendly garbage removal services in Holborn. Up-cycling plays a major role in preserving the environment. It makes the world cleaner when people utilize things that still have a lot of life in them. Moreover, with the help of this method, you can free up space in your home and get a cleaner space. You also get to remove stuff that accumulates dirt and dust and pests like moulds, mildew and mites.

If you find it difficult to separate or sort your things, then you can ask the garbage removal services company for help. They know how to appraise things.

Following are a few things that can be up-cycled :

(a) Pieces of wood can be re-used to create new windows, floors and doors

(b) Jars can be re-used as vessels or piggy banks

(c) Electronics parts can be cycled as replacement parts

(d) Metal scrap can be re-purposed into new metal products

(e) Plastic materials can be changed into other objects

Recycling and up-cycling are both perfect for helping the earth. You are essentially taking junk and giving it a second chance. When you seek help from professionals to do it, you are helping the environment. Through this process, you will find out that most items can be reused as something else.

[3] Donations :

Most people believe that junk is useless. However, many items at your home can be still used. They might not have any use for you but they can be used by others. You may have remodelled your home, leaving you with a lot of stuff that doesn’t suit the new look. Instead of letting them gather dust, you can give them to people who will use them. You don’t have to do it yourself. The garbage removal company will do it for you. With the help of this method, you can help others and get rid of garbage at the same time.

The best thing is to know that your things won’t end up in landfills. This way you know that you are not contributing to toxic waste. Garbage removal companies partner with non-profit organizations or shelters that accept donations.

Items eligible for donation include the following :

(a) Working household appliances

(b) Decorative pieces

(c) Old bags, shoes and clothes

(d) Functional chairs, tables and sofas

[4] Reduce the effects of harmful chemicals :

When you get garbage properly removed, you know that it will be taken care of in a responsible manner. An experienced and reputable eco-friendly garbage removal company will ensure that all hazardous chemicals that come from your old items are handled carefully. For example, a chemical found in toys called phthalate is a very toxic one. If it is not disposed of properly it can be very harmful to all. Some studies have even linked this chemical with cancer. Improper disposal of phthalate can cause problems with the liver, lungs, kidneys and reproductive system.

Furthermore, electronic appliances like refrigerators, cell phones and air conditioners also contain toxic materials. This is why they need to be disposed of carefully. Hence, hiring a garbage removal company is the best way to go. It ensures that these chemicals do not harm people and the earth.

[5] Proper disposal :

We might think that all types of garbage can be handled in the same way. But different types of garbage need different methods of disposal. If you keep environmental needs in mind, then you can separate items like clothes, books, electronics, appliances etc. If it is your first time you may feel lost and confused about the whole process.

You can always hire the services of a garbage removal company to sort and categorize your items. This kind of work is different from the routine cleaning of the house. It takes more effort than usual. For this reason, it will be best to work with professionals who can segregate and sort through your stuff. If you try to do it yourself, it may not get done properly.

Conclusion :mrgreen: 

So, this was all about eco-friendly garbage removal services, their services and their benefits. It is important to find the most suitable professionals for handling garbage responsibly.

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