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Junk piles up! That is what junk does – it sits in a corner until it is time to have it removed but when that time finally arrives it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that needs to be done. Firstly, each item has to be separated from the general pile, sorted into categories and finally figured out what needs to be done with each category.

All this can take up an entire weekend to get done. For instance, identifying the different types of junk can be a heck in itself. There is a range of categories that garbage can be organized into and some of them include old furniture, electronics and e-waste. Certain types of categories are best managed by professionals specializing in Eco-friendly garbage removal services in Holborn. However, there are certain considerations to be made before the appropriate service can be hired. 

:mrgreen: Why does Garbage Removal have to be Eco-Friendly ?

Traditionally, the most convenient means of removing the garbage is to simply chuck it in the bin later noticing how it all magically disappeared. Of course, there are no waste genies behind the cause of this supernatural phenomenon (pardon the pun), simply regular garbage cleaning services. However, this is now a custom that is being further pushed into the past as the garbage being collected by such services has a high chance of ending up in a landfill somewhere. Thus contributing further to global environmental issues.

Truth be told, piles of junk need to be properly sorted before disposing and this necessitates some degree of planning. An eco-friendly garbage removal service ensures that these landfills receive less sustenance, thus limiting the amount of waste being generated which is toxic for the environment. However, there is the matter of searching for the appropriate eco-friendly junk removal company as there are plenty of regular junk removers who simply claim to be eco-friendly.

[1] Things to Keep in Mind :

An eco-friendly garbage removal service is an organization that follows strict protocols and procedures when it comes to removing garbage and junk. The following enlists certain aspects that are quintessential to the ideal garbage removal .

[2] Do they Recycle :

The junk removal service for hire should care about the consequences of environmental pollution due to the lack of eco-friendly disposal methods. Thus, they would make it so that the garbage being handled by them is properly sorted and recycled following the proper channels. Henceforth the focus should be on hiring a junk removal company that trains their employees explicitly on what can and cannot be recycled. Their team should also have significant experience in recycling as it increases the chances of running an efficient operation that effectively reduces their carbon footprint.

A few examples of materials that are generally recycled include; paper, glass, clothing, plastic and metals.

[3] Do they Donate ?

Any individual putting their belongings up for recycling should make it a point to confirm what a junk removal service intends to do with the fresh garbage they have collected. This is especially necessary when there are items in the junk pile which are still in pretty good condition, for instance, toys, clothing and furniture. The majority of proper eco-friendly junk removers tie up with certain NGOs, charities and other organizations to donate items in bulk that can be reused. These organizations recycle as much as they can to keep things from pilling up in a landfill.

[4] Process of Donation :

The primary benefit of hiring a junk removal service is that they conduct a cleanup of the premises which is of significant convenience to the homeowner. Then again, one must make sure to enquire about the removal company’s process of recycling to ensure the junk does not end up in any landfill. The ideal garbage recycling company would take all the guesswork and hard work out of the game as they would already have a well-practiced game plan in place. They get most of the work done during the sorting stage and have a list of contacts from various repeated donation and recycling agencies.    

[5] Percentage of Junk Diverted from landfills :

Finally, the owner of the junk should also enquire as to the percentage of junk and garbage which has been diverted from the landfills. Choosing a company that is transparent concerning its services and processes further contributes to the cause of eco-friendly recycling.

😀 What Junk can be Recycled ?

There are a variety of things that can get dumped in a landfill. Sorting out what can or can’t requires a considerable working knowledge of the types of materials to be recycled and the many recycling techniques being employed. The following includes a few of the most common types of materials to be recycled.

[1] Furniture :

Furniture materials are the first and most obvious thing to put on a recycling list. Furniture and wooden storage cabinets need to be cleared of all personal belongings before putting them up for recycling. They also need to be sorted out according to their material composition, for instance, metallic furniture or furniture comprised of mostly metal need to be sent to a scrap metal recycling unit while used furniture which is still in good condition can be hauled away to a garage sale or donated to a charity.

List of furniture that can be sent for Eco-friendly recycling ;

(a) Recliner

(b) Couch

(c) Sectional Sofa

(d) Patio Furniture

(e) Chests and Drawers

(f) Bed Frame

(g) Entertainment Units

[2] Appliance :

Few countries and states have established laws that make it necessary for homeowners to recycle their old appliances instead of throwing them away. Keep in mind that asking a friend to help recycle belongings for free may not be a good idea as one needs to have an elaborate knowledge of the proper means of disposing of appliances.

Un-recycled appliances can generate a major amount of waste if not disposed of properly. Used or broken appliances necessitate cautious handling as they can lead to exposure to toxic or hazardous chemicals. Hiring an expert garbage remover or recycling contractor is the most convenient means to handle appliances.

[3] Electronics :

Even though nearly all appliances are electronic but not all electronics are appliances. This is a much broader category of waste and junk which requires a much more specialized approach to recycling. Pieces of technology like computer hardware, flat screens and WiFi routers must first be wiped clean of all their data.

Simply dropping them off on the curb is not safe and against regulations in many countries. Electronic devices are comprised of heavy metals and toxic chemicals which can be hazardous to the environment. Recycling or reselling electronics is the best alternative.   

[4] Mattress :

No matter if it’s a used mattress or a brand new one, if it ends up on the curb it will most likely be disposed of in a landfill and the city would probably mail the bill to the owner. The most ideal way to get rid of a mattress is by handing it off to a suitable donation centre. Mattresses are comfortable bedding material and there is always someone in need of comfortable bedding.  

Few Tips to Help Remove Junk more Appropriately 😛 

The owner giving away their junk for eco-friendly recycling can follow certain tips to help the recycling process move more smoothly.

[A] Don’t Rush :

Rushing the garbage removal process is a recipe for disaster. People tend to miss out on junk that is concealed from sight. On top of that being rush minded can put a lot of pressure on an individual. It is best to decide on a timeline and strategy before collecting and sorting the junk. Creating a list of rooms and fixing an order of clearance can be effective in organizing the entire home cleaning process. Prioritize rooms from the ones that have the most items to the ones with the least. Spreading out the process for a few weekends can help make things go a lot smoother.

[B] Create Two Piles :

Take note there must only be two piles – a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’. Keeping a maybe pile boosts the chances of second-guessing the decision to recycle items. As a consequence, the owner would have to repeat the removal process in a few months. It is important to pledge to oneself to take decisions concerning garbage disposal with professional fervor. Unwanted items which are still in somewhat good condition can be sold off instead of hoarded.

[C] Host a Garage Sale :

A garage sale is an excellent idea for getting rid of junk and making a decent amount of money on it. The common type of customers at a garage sale is neighbors looking for cheap furniture, or children looking for new toys to play with. In the end, it is still likely that not all the items in a garage sale would get sold and would need to be given away to other recycling means.

[D] Post Online :

The internet is a fantastic place for buying and selling used and old goods. There are always buyers looking to get their hands on some attractive deals. However, one needs to maintain a courageously cynical mind when interacting with customers as there is no telling who is on the other side. Furthermore, there are third-party businesses that can deliver the items on the seller’s behalf to the customer.

[E] Donate or Recycle :

Donating is a means to help those who are in need. Various trusts and charities work tirelessly to distribute their donations to different homes and shelters. Donations can help a community thrive and it also offers a certain number of tax exemptions. Otherwise, one can consider recycling their items themselves.

Conclusion ➡ 

Un-recycled garbage and junk carry a high risk of causing harm to the environment. A high percentage of a precious material that carries high value gets added to the waste pile. It is better to hire a scrap metal clearance firm in Holborn to deal with it more effectively to reduce carbon footprint.


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