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At Waste Management London, your most trusted professional and mobile waste management service works in Essex and London. We have been in this service for the last 25 years. . We are carrying out house clearance, pub clearance, scrap metal clearance to site clearance and waste collection and disposal services which comes fully licensed and insured. We ensure to provide eco-friendly garbage removal services.


Rubbish clearance is the process of getting rid of all the waste materials from domestic to commercial spaces. These collected wastes should be disposed of in a safe and eco-friendly manner or else they will become annoying to human beings and the environment. 


These wastes are separated, and care is taken to destroy them safely. The perishable materials may be converted and used as energy or manure and the non-perishable wastes can be recycled for use again.

Trusted waste management service -

We recycle all the junk and rubbish we collect. Our office and House Clearance Services are quick, courteous and fast. We come with 3 efficient and skilled employees. We are an environmental agency-approved waste collector, and we cover all aspects of waste management. We cover all areas in London and Essex surrounding. 


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Specialized features for eco-friendly garbage removal services -

  • Eliminate toxic products like wasp spray, waxes, oven cleaners, and polishes. These products are poisonous and may contaminate your kitchen as they leak. 


  • Composting is a simple process. It is where the remains of plants and kitchen waste are converted into rich nutrients. It works as food for your plants that helps them grow. It reduces the amount of garbage that goes to landfills which pollutes the air.


  • Draining hazardous chemicals can cause fatal pollution issues when they get into the city’s wastewater.  

Eco-friendly garbage removal services are the future we all are hoping to see. A comprehensive waste removal and recycling service clears out the waste for residential and commercial areas. We are highly efficient and we take pride in providing the best outcome. 

Our Client Testimonials

What our clients say about us

We pride ourselves on delivering an ethical, engaging experience that’s as good for you, the consumer, as it is for the world thanks to our sustainable business model.

  • We were looking for a private waste collector for our businesses and waste management London were competitive and reliable. Will always be using them. 

    Ernest Smith
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • I switched to this company because of their ethical approach to recycling which is much better for the environment. Their customer service is great and they really care about me as an individual and as a company.

    Vincent Smith
    CEO Walked Restaurants

What makes us stand out?

  • Responsible and Trustworthy
  • Improvement-minded 
  • Highly skilled
  • Technically equipped

We look forward to making the surroundings better by removing and recycling the waste and managing it with professionals. Reach out to us at Waste Management London to achieve a cost effective and highly efficient service.