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Site clearance is the process of eliminating all elements of a land area that blocks the process of construction. It involves the removal of waste to ensure that an area or stretch of land is free from any hazards before preparing the land for its desired use. Site clearance involves the use of specialist heavy machinery, a skilled team with the experience and knowledge of operating the required equipment and the means to dispose of the waste. 

Importance of a site clearance -

During any type of construction work, it is vital to know what you are doing and that you are skilled to operate the equipment and machinery needed.


It is important for safety reasons but clearing a site correctly is also a critical task that offers efficiency.


Undertaking the task without training could lead to serious injuries, mistakes and significant delays to the construction stage further down the line.


It is always best to hire a professional company like At Waste Management London to take care of the project. Minimise any disruption to the surrounding area/community, and dispose of your waste fairly.


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Benefits of hiring Expert Construction Waste Removal Company-

Segregation of Waste

Different types of waste must be segregated for the disposal of construction waste. This can be done by using different methods for wood, metal and mixed materials.

Preventing Dust and Debris

Reduce the need to store large amounts of waste and as a result, prevent the build-up of dust and debris. The sites are required to take measures to manage the air quality around building sites. 

Reduce wasted labour

Managing your construction waste is not only about recycling and disposal. The effective use of labour and when it comes to being responsible for your own waste disposal, you will need to put in extra hours. The staff are highly trained to complete the job in a convenient fashion and adhere to health and safety guidelines.

The main purpose of Site Clearance is to clear the land of any existing buildings, debris or waste. It involves clearing the surface layer of topsoil which is necessary to remove as it cannot be built on.

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