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Experienced and well-organized Restaurant and Pub Clearance Service in London,Essex,Holborn,Soho

Pubs and restaurants produce huge amounts of waste as lots of customers and guests keep on visiting them. Just like hospitality, entertainment quotient, great food, and music sessions are essential for a pub, waste management is equally important too. The efficient team collect and dispose of all the clutter from the bar and restaurants providing the best Restaurant Clearance service in Essex and London.


 Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is very necessary as it attracts customers and clients. We at Waste Management London take the charge into our hands and clean off the bar to give a clear view.  


The experts remove everything including old furniture, electrical equipment, white goods, doors, glasses, kitchen waste and more from restaurants and pubs. Our team works with well-equipped instruments and management techniques to carry out a successful Restaurant Clearance service. We keep the recyclable items separately and reduce, reuse and recycle the necessary items. Our professionals save you time and money by working swiftly and efficiently. 

What types of waste do restaurants and pubs produce?

Pubs, bars, and restaurants produce similar kinds of waste daily. The disposal method varies for every other kind, many are recyclable and can be stored in specified bins. We provide the best solution and deliver the necessary bins and collection schedule. 


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Recycled Waste

Some of the most common types of waste include-

Food waste

Leftover meals from customers and wasted ingredients.

Cardboard waste

Boxes for packaging and storage.

Dry mixed recycle items

Different packaging materials, including drinks cans.

Chemical waste

Cleaning products used across your premises.

Sanitary waste

Feminine hygiene products and other bathroom waste.

Pub Clearance and recycling -

Lots of waste is generated from pubs, bars, or restaurants that can be recycled. This helps protect the social responsibility to reuse, recover and recycle as much waste as possible. We try to avoid the landfill process as it increases the rubbish. Our professional’s transport all the rubbish they can to recycling facilities. Our experience at working with waste can slot seamlessly into place so the restaurant, pub, or food company. 

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